Once a dreamer, now devoted to the passion for and study of art, animation, and game design and development… My name is Taklon and welcome to my blog.

Art is something that often leaves me awestruck and pondering. When I look at a drawing, painting, photograph, or listen to a piece of music, I sometimes wonder what the artist was trying to portray or convey and then I think about the different ways it may be or is being interpreted by myself and others. Furthermore, I find most artwork to be quite admirable. For example, I can appreciate the significant amount of time spent capturing in a single frame what many often say could only be worth a thousand words or, as another saying goes, that words simply cannot describe. Art truly is a gift then with the ability to leave my mind wandering and the capacity to imagine beyond the unimaginable.

Animation as a form of art then further makes the impossible seem possible. What ordinarily cannot move may appear as if life had breathed into it – even giving it a soul. Nowadays, I especially believe that animation is taken for granted. For instance, does anyone ever stop to think about how an animated film is produced? In the animation industry, every second of animation is typically comprised of two dozen frames – each frame a drawing, model, or scene that is purposefully rendered, scrutinized, then altered in a way that contributes to an illusory sequence of movement. Perhaps, in a sense then, it is important to stop sometimes to smell the roses, to admire the changing of the seasons, to acknowledge the passing of time more meaningfully.

Alas, without art, game design would not exist. And without animation, game development may not even be possible or worthy of advancing. I think that this makes video game design and development especially complex. While the end product itself is entirely virtual, the creation process is quite substantial; it can take days to months or even years to design and develop a game. Along the way, the process can be collaborative and foster team-building and yet it can also progress through the efforts of a single individual. I imagine the former can be rather innovating while I find the latter to be quite inspiring. A large-scope project often involves highly-detailed world-building which ultimately allows one to engage in an exciting and fulfilling story – it offers an opportunity to drift from the harshest of realities to a place that gives new meaning and purpose. And for this very powerful prospect, I realize that game design and development is perhaps a passion worth pursuing.

If you share any of my thoughts on art, animation, and game design and development, please do consider joining me in my journey to explore my passion.

– Taklon

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