3D Platformer GameDev Series – Weekly Blog #22: Level Design (First Level)

Hey everyone! Thought I’d mix it up again for this week and turn to YouTube again – hope you guys enjoy this one as much as the blogs!

Stay tuned for next week!

– Taklon

2 thoughts on “3D Platformer GameDev Series – Weekly Blog #22: Level Design (First Level)

  1. So cool! Designing levels can be both fun and challenging at the same time. I think you have a good momentum going with this and watching your video actually made me see things on the brighter side some more. I was considering recording a video about my development process too, but I have no suitable microphone and my voice isn’t used to speaking English too well :p

    Erm, anyways… So much looking forward to this. Thanks to your posts I am thinking about trying 3D game development as a side project. (damn here we go again) but Blender is a pain to figure out for me. Who knows though? …..although I looked at your post 2 days late, it was worth it so much because it’s quality content, I’d say, best of luck to us both in our development ways!

    1. Thanks Naryunic! If you want to make and use your own assets, then having to learn Blender could be a bit of a pain at first. But otherwise, I think there are a ton of free assets out there that you can use to learn and develop 3D games. =)

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