3D Platformer GameDev Series – Weekly Blog #7: Adding Checkpoints

Hey everyone, I am now past a quarter of my way into the 3D platformer course! This past week, I learned how to add and set up checkpoints (which makes sense after setting up and completing the player respawn last week).

In 3D (and especially 2D) platformers, players often encounter locations or spots called checkpoints. Upon entering/visiting a checkpoint, the player will respawn there the next time rather than at the beginning of the level or stage.

Similar to how a killzone was created earlier for the player being ‘out-of-bounds’, an empty game object for the checkpoint is added to the scene and an appropriate collider attached to it with the “On Trigger” enabled (to allow the “Checkpoint” script to work; see further below). The game asset for the checkpoint (resembling a circular button/switch) is added and made a child of the empty checkpoint object and is then further duplicated; one of these assets represents the checkpoint’s ON state (which would appear yellow) and the other/duplicate represents the OFF state (which would appear greyish-blue):


The “Checkpoint” script attached to the checkpoint object introduces two new coding concepts. The first concept is the ability to pass a variable into a function being called in another script (the “GameManager” script in this case; see further down below). The second concept is the use of a “for loopto generate a list/array and to assign a number/element to each of the items in that list (in this case, all the checkpoint objects in the scene).


To see how the first concept works, the following is set up in the “GameManager” script:


To see how the second concept would work, multiple checkpoints are added to the scene (which had already been done) and the final result looks like this when the game is run:


You may have noticed when the checkpoint is active, there are some particle effects happening. This was also introduced in the course this past week using Unity’s built-in particle system. I must say, it had piqued my curiosity quite a bit! No doubt, I think it’ll be a lot of fun to play around in it sometime to create some very interesting effects. 🙂

But for now, stay tuned for next week when we will look at how to create a health system!

– Taklon

2 thoughts on “3D Platformer GameDev Series – Weekly Blog #7: Adding Checkpoints

  1. good job sticking with it! and your explanations are clear enough that I could understand even without knowing this stuff.

    1. Thanks so much ploom! I am a little worried though when I get into the more complex code.. I’ll try to keep it just as concise when I do. 😄

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