So Taklon, what’s in store ‘for 2020’?

On New Year’s Day, I revealed that I had been struggling with dedicating time and finding motivation to improve my skills involving graphics, animation, and game design – all of which speaks to the essence of my blog.

Needless to say, the first few months of 2020 leading up to today have been stressful, uncertain, and rather grim for everyone. As I am writing this blog post, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to weigh down on every single one of us and is expected to continue to do so for months ahead at the very least.

From early to mid-February (just before the Covid-19 outbreak had occurred here in Canada), I was fortunate to had the opportunity to travel to Japan for the first time – my first solo trip abroad. Memories of the time I spent there, are thus, still fresh in my mind. And if I had to choose, highlights of my trip involved visiting awe-inspiring places such as the Studio Ghibli Museum and Team Borderless Digital Art Museum. But above all, I am finding that it was moments of complete solitude in Japan that I enjoyed and appreciated the most as it really gave me a chance to look back and to look forward ahead on what I wanted and continue to want to do in life.

Looking back, last April, I began working with Blender 2.80. At that time, I also took a dive right into the Unity game engine along with some coding in C#. With the help of some YouTube tutorials, I worked on a game. Although I made some progress in the end, I regret to say that I will be putting this project aside for good. It was a valuable experience nonetheless:


Flash forward one whole year later and I am realizing that following tutorials on YouTube and essentially replicating more-or-less what is shown isn’t exactly how I want to approach the learning process moving forward, especially in an area such as game development. So, I figured since I had a successful experience with the previous Udemy course I had taken, I decided to enroll in another course on Udemy: Learn to Make a 3D Platformer Game with Unity:


Unlike the previous Udemy course I had taken, the instructor in this new course I am taking does not provide tests or encourage his students to test themselves to see if they understood the material after they complete a course section. Thus, my approach for completing this course is very simple. That is, I will go through each section of the course as slowly and as many times as necessary. The process to my approach is twofold. First, I will move on to the next course section if and only if I can produce the material in the current section on my own. Secondly, I will re-visit older sections (not necessarily just the previous section) as I reach further into the course.

My endgoal objective is to be able to take everything that I learned in the entire course and make a 3D platformer game on my own using original game assets I have made myself in Blender (instead of using the ones provided in the course) – in other words, this means making a simple, original, and complete 3D platformer game without referring to any course notes or videos or tutorials online (i.e.- YouTube).

Last but not least, I will be committing to weekly blogs on my progress for this course! So do stay tuned for my first blog post on this ‘GameDev’ series, where I will begin by sharing my thoughts on 3D platformer games in general. 🙂

– Taklon