For 2020.

And just like that, another year has passed by… Maybe it’s just me but perhaps there’s something about the start of a new decade that makes one especially reflect and ponder about life choices? I mean, setting aside the fact that it has been nearly half a year since I’ve last posted on here, there’s a lot I’ve been thinking about in what I want to try to achieve with this blog – and I think that hasn’t really changed much since I started writing it back in July of 2018.

Passion? Yep, it’s definitely still there. Motivation? Ehhh, not so much (I’m sure most people can relate though, right?!?! *nervous chuckle*). But seriously, I find if I try to tackle the problem of motivation always, I seem to arrive at the same conclusion nearly each time; that is, the solution for me often comes down to time management. In being honest with myself, I always understood that it is not a matter of whether or not I have time to spend on some of my hobbies and interests, but rather, how much time do I want to or should I devote? And then I realize that this should not be a question I should have to ask myself altogether! To simply put, I need to make better use of my time. Yes, I need to work, cook, eat, bathe, sleep – who doesn’t? So, if I truly have passion then, I need to convince myself and instill in me a routine – a constant and inherent need – to be creative and learn and do graphics, animation, and game design – lest I should change the title of my blog!

To wrap up, I would just like to further mention that I have never ever understood or made New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, I still shudder and cringe a bit at the notion of the first day of the year being the day to make a case on whether or not one should improve him or herself (I mean, really, for goodness’ sake!). Then again, maybe it’s not so absurd after all… So maybe, just maybe, I should make an exception for this year. For 2020.

– Taklon

2 thoughts on “For 2020.

  1. Very good, very good.

    I was thinking multiple times about posting on my blog again, and I indeed might within the next two or three months (I’ll most likely have some good news).

    Motivation is difficult, and I experienced a point of complete disinterest in working with most ideas.

    I sometimes check this blog for some of the older articles I didnd’t have patience to read entirely before and so happy to see you made a new post!

    (I’m sorry if my writing is out of place, I’m tired from staying up late on new years’, so, haha, good night)

    1. Good news is good! I’m subscribed to your blog also so I’ll be sure to keep my eye out in my inbox for your future posts.

      And absolutely, motivation is difficult and different for everyone. Inspiration helps and I’m sure we’ll continue to inspire each other in our journeys – it’s nice to have that! Keep doing what you do. 🙂

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