GameDev Blog #3: Basic Items, Equipment, and Inventory System

After implementing walk and run movement for our player, I started creating some basic interactable objects which would also show up as items in a player inventory system. In addition, I made a few simple pieces of equippable items such as clothes.

So far, I am trying my best to spend a minimal amount of time working on the aesthetics and UI for 2D/3D models and sprites since they can be re-designed and/or their level of detail can be raised later. Instead, the bulk of my time has been used towards primarily completing all the functional systems (e.g.- player movement, inventory, combat, etc..), and of course, a lot of time is spent constantly debugging and trying to get things to import and work properly in both Blender and Unity.

Interactable Environment Object

blueherbBlue herbs can be picked up in the game scene/environment. Once picked up, they appear in the player inventory. Later, they can be used as a consumable item to restore  some of the player’s health.


Equippable Items/Equipment

vagabondshirtA simple, default equippable shirt for the player.

A simple, default equippable pair of pants for the player.

equippingclothesEquipment will appear on the left-side in the inventory once equipped (this will be implemented at a later point). For the next update, I will add a basic weapon and design an enemy to prepare for the combat system.

GameDev Blog #2: Player Walk/Run Cycle

Hello everyone! So at the moment, I am actually playing catch-up a bit with the blog. That is, I am actually further ahead in my game’s development than I am in blogging about the latest updates on it. Actually, it’s kind of strange, but it seems to be keeping me motivated this way… Anyway, I’m sure it won’t take long before I keep everyone truly informed on the latest updates here.

After assembling the environment and coding the camera and player movement last time, I figured there was a need to implement something more – shall we say – aesthetically pleasing for the player movement next. I mean, I’m sure nobody ever gets tired of staring at a great-looking T-pose…. right?! /s

Player Walk Cycle


Player Run Cycle


Implementing Player Walk and Run Cycles by animation blending in Unity


You may also have noticed a new blue-looking plant-like object in the game demo above. While most environmental assets in the game will be non-interactable, some will be interactable such as the blue herb in this case. For such interactable objects, the player shall be able to pick them up. And of course, a player inventory is necessary to display any objects that were picked up. More on this for the next blog post though!

GameDev Blog #1: Basic Game Assets and Player Movement

A few weeks ago, I blogged about transitioning to Blender 2.80, familiarizing myself with the Unity UI, and learning some basics of programming in C#. Today, I am starting a “GameDev Blog” series and as with many game development blogs, the aim of mine is to allow me to share my progress for a game that I am attempting to create and develop. And rather than explaining how I accomplish things (as in my previous blog series on “The Complete Blender Creator Course”), this development blog will contain primarily screenshots with a minimal amount of text showcasing what has been done instead.

The Game Concept

Keep. It. Simple. I tell myself because this is my first game, a point-and-click RPG I am developing entirely on my own, it would be remiss of me if I come up with complex ideas off the bat that are or will become too difficult to hatch out. So I have decided that the idea of my game would simply be for the player to collect materials, fight monsters, collect loot, and craft items while the main objective is to defeat the endgame boss, a giant flying beetle. All of this would take place inside a forest.


For the environment, a plane is used as the “background” while a curve is used to construct the “foreground” – the latter in which the player can move and interact in.

tree1 tree2
Some trees (non-interactable) for the background environment (will be remade later).

flowers leafplant
Some plants (non-interactable) for the foreground environment (will be remade later).

Player Design

playerdesignBasic player/character modelled and rigged (facial features will be added later).

Assembling the Environment and Coding the Camera and Player Movement

The background and foreground along with a few of the environment assets were exported from Blender 2.80 into Unity 2019.1.1. A prototype game scene was assembled and the player model was also exported into the scene. Simple player movement control was programmed and the game camera was also coded to track player movement.