Section 7 (Part 3): Learn 3D Modelling – The Complete Blender Creator (Udemy) Course

Alright, time for a quick update (I promise this will be a short read this time)! I think I am now about halfway through finishing all the models for my game asset pack. Circled in green below are what I have completed to date:

Section 7 - Planning Your Room (midpoint update)

If you had read my previous blog post, you will have noticed that since then, I have been working on a bookshelf, table, and chair. From the reference pictures, it seems that most of the wooden assets (with exception to the crate) are made up of the same kind of wood. As a result, I modeled the bookshelf, table, and chair similar to how I modeled the room entrance’s wooden frame: using mirror modifier(s) along with scaled cube(s) as plank(s) for the general shape, subdividing, sculpting, decimating, and texturizing. Last but not least, I re-made the cobblestone floor and am actually quite satisfied with the result.

Bookshelf (Asset #12)


Table & Chair (Assets #7 & #8)


Cobblestone Floor (Asset #2; re-made)

cobblestone floor (re-do)

Shoutout and thanks to one of my blog followers, redboarwiiingers, for commenting in my previous blog post and suggesting to embed the stones for the floor. Great suggestion!

Here is what the prototype scene looks like now:


First thing you will probably notice is that the proportions are completely out to lunch – kind of funny actually if you look hard enough! The door entrance and wall torches should be bigger and everything else could be smaller as well. Next, the lighting could use a bit of work; however, that will be one of the final things to tackle. And while the scene is still relatively low poly (taking only a few hours to render 5000+ samples in full HD), I do want to mention that there is one key step that I have left out in modelling my assets (primarily those that involved sculpting) which is retopology. Retopology is the process of re-creating good mesh topology, usually as a result of it becoming poor during the modeling process. I mentioned about the importance of good mesh topology when modelling the queen piece in the chess set back in Section 4. As an example, it is better for a mesh to consist of just quads and/or triangles; ngons are not ideal! Furthermore, retopology can greatly reduce the poly count without affecting the level of detail – something which is greatly sought-after for game assets in general.

I aim to finish watching the rest of the lecture videos and modeling the rest of my assets by the end of next week. This will leave me with the remainder of October to polish up the entire asset pack. If time permits, I may delve into Unity and see if I can have some of these assets imported from Blender. Stay tuned!

– Taklon